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Music Lessons in the Comfort of your Living Room

Online lessons in your living room! Piano, Ukulele, vocals, and guitar for kids. Theory lessons too! The Upthegrove Music School has been established for 8 years. Our teachers are brilliant and care deeply about their students. They are also professional musicians/teachers playing gigs! Check out the band sites for the teachers.

Piano lessons via FaceTime/ Zoom

Piano Lessons Piano Lessons via Zoom

Gather together some friends and lower the cost of a music lesson! Take the lesson as a band on Zoom!

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About Us

We teach ages 5 and up. Find your own style under the guidance of a great music teacher. The Upthegrove Music School is a family-owned-and-operated business that comes to you in the comfort of your own living room. Our music classes are taught in a fun atmosphere, and you learn the songs that you want to learn. Contact Upthegrove Music School for quality vocal coaching, guitar music instruction, piano lessons, and other instrumental lessons. We offer Classical, Rock, and also Popular Contemporary.

History of the Business

Our owner, Lynda Upthegrove, started a music school in a Victorian building in England, when Tony Blair and Simply Red had a conversation about starting Rock-Schools. This school is still going today. She is now offering lessons and managing the music school in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

Concert Victorian Building in England

Music Lessons in the Comfort of Your Living Room

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Music Lessons with a Difference

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The Upthegrove Music School has enabled hundreds of students of all ages to develop their musical skills in a fun, relaxed environment at home. Our approach is not “one size fits all.” Rather than relying on finger exercises or reading music, we tailor each lesson to the abilities and interests of the student, explaining music concepts in a clear, easily understood manner and encouraging exploration and improvisation. Whether your interest is in classical, blues, rock, folk, or pop music, you get to decide what you want to play.

Practice happens as a rehearsal in every session, so progress is amazing!

Want to learn your favorite song? Our patient, knowledgeable teachers, will explain how it is put together and help you learn how to play it…no weeks of practicing scales before you’re able to play anything. We believe that having fun is the most effective motivator for making progress in your musical journey.

Now accepting beginning to intermediate students in piano, guitar, and electric bass.

Special CD Recording for Students!

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Emil is playing Amazing Grace, including beautiful blues grace notes!

Tristyn Kelly

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